Apostilles, Authentication, and Legalizations

Apostilles, Authentication, and Legalizations

Apostilles are an internationally accepted method of legitimizing documents as a result of the Hague Convention 1961. By attaching an Apostille to a notarized or certified document, that document is given legitimacy recognized by all countries party to the Hague Convention. The Delaware apostille is a one page document issued under the Great Seal of the State of Delaware by the Secretary of State that is attached to a certified copy of a document, such as an entity's Certificate of Incorporation. Many foreign countries required this document as evidence of incorporation.

An apostille can be obtained from each of the 50 states. The country of origin of the documents and the country of destination for the documents must both be party to the Hague Convention.

If the country is not party to the Hague Convention we can obtain authentication and legalization of corporate documents. This process involves additional steps and is more time consuming.

The exact process will vary depending on the destination country; however authentication will usually require first certification of signature by an authorized agency. The authorized agencies may be the department of state or country clerk's office. This is followed by legalization by the relevant consulate or embassy.

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