Certified Copies

Certified Copies

A certified copy is a reproduction of an official document filed with the entity’s Secretary of State. In Delaware it will bear the Secretary’s seal and stamp, certifying a copy as a true and legal document.

Delaware Certified Copies bear an authentication number which can be verified on the Delaware Division of Corporations website, under Validate Certificate. This system allows for transmission by email for verification, the number remains valid for one year from issuance. In some States there may not be a certificate attached, but a stamp on the reverse, known as an endorsement, certifying the validity of the copy.

Most financial institutions and banks will require a Certified Copy of an Entity’s Certificate of Incorporation (for corporations) or Certificate of Formation (for LLCs) when entering in to business, e.g. applying for a loan or opening a bank account. Often for foreign qualifications these documents will be required by the new state.

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Prices start from $30* for a certified copy of a Certificate of Formation.

*State fees will also apply.