Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Searches

UCC Searches

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a set of acts harmonizing the law of sales and other business transactions across the USA.

The team at DCS are experts in all matters UCC and will give you peace of mind by assuring that your requests are completed with accuracy and efficiency.

UCC Search Services:

UCC searches seek to find liens filed against a debtor (individual or business) that has entered into a secured agreement and has a financial commitment to a secured party supported by collateral described within the financing statement.

Our team of experts will guide you through the complex UCC search process. We specialize in obtaining large volumes of searches both nationwide and international. Our search reports are concise and accurate providing you a clear understanding of your search results.

  • Where we search: We offer comprehensive UCC search reports both nationwide and international.
  • Turnaround time: We will begin the process of your search request on a same day basis. The turnaround time will be based on each jurisdiction.
  • Estimated Cost: Our service fee for a UCC Search is $30 per debtor name. Please contact us for each jurisdiction fee.
  • Results: We will email your UCC Search report.
  • How to place an order: Please use the order form or contact us at dcs@lawdeb.com or call us at 800-426-2327.

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Delaware UCC Search: Delaware UCC Searches are performed by a Delaware Authorized UCC Searcher. Delaware Corporate Services has been certified by Delaware Division of Corporations to perform online UCC Searches.

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