Pay Fees or Invoices

Pay Fees or Invoices


Delaware Corporate Services Inc. ("DCS") has invested in a new remote connection to the Division of Corporations Optical Imaging System.

DCS is now capable of accessing online images of all filings of record with the Division of Corporation, including franchise tax reports and UCC filings.

This state of the art technology enables us to have instant access to the Secretary of State of Delaware's database for purposes of filing, searches and retrievals to better meet your needs.

We have the capability of scheduling and tracking important dates, time-sensitive events and filings. We specialize in giving assistance to individuals whose transactions may involve the Secretary of State Office in any state.

The DCS website allows you to pay the following online:

Pay your DCS Invoice

Pay your Delaware Franchise Tax

Please note that you will be directed to the official State of Delaware website to pay your Delaware Franchise Tax.