Why Form in Delaware?

Why Form in Delaware?

What makes Delaware the domicile of choice?

There are many benefits to incorporating in Delaware and a number of these are listed below.

  • Delaware business laws are among the most advanced and favorable to all types of business entities
  • Delaware's unique Court of Chancery adjudicates business disputes with unmatched speed and expertise
  • Delaware's well-developed body of case law provides a measure of predictability and is often cited as a precedent in cases in other states
  • Some Delaware business entities holding intangible assets can qualify for an exemption from Delaware state corporate income taxes, permitting them in certain situations when establishing a principal office in the State of Delaware to shift income out of a state in which they would be subject to taxation, improving their profitability
  • Delaware's Division of Corporations, the Secretary of State's administrative body, operates like a customer-oriented business rather than a bureaucracy
  • Delaware's business laws are regularly reviewed and revised by the Delaware Legislature in cooperation with the Delaware State Bar Association

DCS provides its clients with the special advantages offered by Delaware where favorable tax and legal environments are unsurpassed by any other state in the nation.

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